wedding invitations

When it comes to ordering the invitations for your wedding you might be surprised by the steep cost that some printers are prone to charging. In most cases you’ll find that they want you to take on all the extras, and although each one only adds a few cents per card, those pennies can quickly add up to hundreds of additional dollars on the bill, depending on how many people you plan to invite to the blessed event.

Even shopping online and taking advantage of discounts may not deliver the savings you need to stay within your budget. And while you can certainly opt for the DIY method of printing cards, stuffing and licking envelopes, and adhering stamps, you’re probably so busy with the other aspects of planning that you simply don’t have time to take this cost-cutting step. Instead, you need ways to cut back that will add up to big savings in the long run. Here are just a few you may not have considered.

1. Skip the extra envelope. It seems like such a small thing, but most printers charge you a lot for the traditional double envelope. And the outer shell is generally oversized, meaning you’ll pay extra on postage, as well. You don’t really need this extra layer of protection for your invitation, so leave it out of the equations and save a few bucks.

2. Pare down RSVPs. Instead of doubling your cost for stamps with the self-addressed RSVP envelopes, consider going with postcards for the RSVP. You can have some fun here by choosing postcards that suit your personality (some fun ones might include retro graphics of your destination wedding locale) or keep them simple with white cardstock and plain text.

Either way, you’ll save quite a bit on the postage (15 cents per stamp, to be precise), not to mention what you’ll save on the additional envelopes.

3. Add additional pages on your own. A professional printer will not only charge you more for each printed page, but likely add some time to the processing (stuffing) fee as well. For this reason, it behooves you to print extras and stuff them on your own.

This could include directions to the reception, information about the bridal registry, or any other supplementary leaflets that you want to add to the mix. Most of them aren’t going to be as fancy as the invitations and RSVPs anyway, so why not save some cash and do this one on your own?

4. Find cheaper ways to fancy it up. Personalized wedding cards with embossing, engraving, layers of filmy paper, jackets, and other embellishments have become extremely popular. And while they are gorgeous, they can set you back some serious dough. You’re better off selecting something simple and elegant (read: plain) and then adding some pizazz on your own.

If you want a bow on the invite, get handy with the hole punch and a spool of ribbon (this is also a great way to attach some kind of sheer coverlet). Of if you simply want a pretty graphic, get a couple of rubber stamps and an inkpad. It isn’t hard to pretty up the card and you can save a ton by doing it yourself.

5. Consider Evites. Talk about cheap – these are totally free! You only have to create one card and it gets sent out to everyone. You can easily track replies and going paperless is super green. If you have relatives without email or the internet, simply print off a few cards and send them out; you’ll still save a fortune.