wedding invites

If you’re having a themed party, such as a treasure hunt, a pirate fancy dress; or a traditional murder mystery party, then you might wish to consider creating a handmade invitation in keeping with your theme. It’s actually very easy to create your own parchment paper for handmade invitations, which can be made to look like a mini treasure map, or a mysterious clue. In fact all you need are a few simple household materials.

To make your own parchment paper you will need:

Paper (preferably A4)

Tea or coffee

A tea towel

On oven heated to 200 degrees

1. Make a very strong, large cup of coffee or pot of tea. Coffee will give your paper a darker colour and tea a lighter, slightly less aged look.

2. Pour your coffee or tea solution into a roasting tin; or similar dish that is larger than your paper and not too deep.

3. Soak your sheets of paper in the solution for around a minute each; then transfer flat onto the tea towel to dry off the excess liquid.

4. Once the excess liquid has been soaked up, and the sheets of paper no longer drip, put the pieces of paper in the oven for around five minutes each to ensure each sheet is thoroughly dry.

5. Once the paper sheets are cool enough tear each sheet in half roughly so that the torn edge has the appearance of age and wear. Continue to tear just the remaining straight three edges of each sheet of paper so that your final sheet of paper should be rough around all four edges and half the original A4 size.

Your parchment invitation is now ready for writing!

To create your invitation you will need:

Marker pens

Calligraphy pen

Sealing Wax

1. If you’re creating a treasure map style invitation for a pirate fancy dress party use marker pens to draw a scrolling outline for your invite and draw a crude map of the party location. Remember to add an “X” to mark the spot!

2. A calligraphy pen is perfect for writing out an invitation to a murder mystery party or weekend, as this will add that touch of authenticity and old-fashioned writing style.

3. Use a drop of sealing wax on your invitation. It really is best to use sealing wax rather than an ordinary household candle as ordinary wax will crumble. You can buy sealing wax online for as little as $4.

4. Imprint your wax seal with a coin, a ring or any interesting metal shape that’s small enough to imprint the wax blob. Once it dries you will have a really authentic finishing touch to your old-fashioned handmade party invitation!