weding invitations

You are getting married and its one of the most exciting moments of your life. You want everyone to be there to celebrate it with you but that dreadful beast of wedding planning pops up-The Budget! You just can’t afford to invite every you want. But how do you go about choosing who makes the list and who doesn’t? Here are some tips to help you out.

Follow the One Year rule. That is, if you haven’t seen them in a year than you probably don’t need to invite them. Obviously there can be exceptions to that rule such as the friend who moved to Germany for work but you email frequently, or the close, aging relative who doesn’t travel often.

Exclude children if possible. This can help you go from a family of 6 to a family of 2. Make sure that your guests are aware that this is an “adults only” party. Address the invitation to the parents only, have the wedding and reception in the evening, and maybe even mention in the invitation that this is an adults only reception. A downside to this is that some parents may decide not to attend because they may not be able to get a sitter.

Keep the list to close, personal friends. If you are close with one coworker than feel free to invite them but don’t feel that you need to invite the whole office.

If you have to give a lot of thought about if you should invite a certain guest, than its generally safe to assume you do not need to.

Consider the distance each guest will have to travel. Will they actually make the trip? If they won’t than can you just send a wedding announcement after the wedding?

Try using the rule of thirds. Decide on your head count and then divvy up the guest list. A third for your family, a third for his family, and the remaining third for your friends. It may not help with narrowing down an already made guest list but if you are just starting out it can help you keep the numbers from climbing.

Remember that generally about 25% of the guests you invite will not be able to make it. Obviously don’t COUNT on this number; if you do its pretty much a guarantee that everyone will RSVP that they are coming! Just keep in mind that the final guest list may be smaller than the one you started out with.