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Planning your wedding is an exhausting and time consuming process, one that can often span several months. Many women have dreamed about their wedding day since they were young girls, and making it a reality can be difficult.

Knowing what to expect can help you cope with the task, and help you avoid the most common mistakes that many make. Whether it costs you money, or your wedding day vision, there are a few key things that can impact your big day in a big way.

1) Being unhappy with your guest list: many couples don’t share the same friends, or the same opinion on family members, which can create several problems when drawing up your wedding day guest list. Compromising will be the name of the game, but it is important to remember, for both the future bride and groom, that you should both be comfortable with who is on the list.

You may not mind, but if your future spouse does, you’ll find it can quickly ruin your wedding day. Bad blood and broken relationships can put a damper on the fun and happiness you should be experiencing on your wedding day, make sure you don’t feel obligated to invite anyone you think could be a negative presence.

Also keep in mind that every individual you invite is an extra plate on your catering bill, which means keeping it down to the essentials is important for your budget as well.

2) Skimping where you should splurge: we all want to save money, and cut down on our spending, but when you’re putting together your wedding budget, you should weigh the pros and cons. There are plenty of expenses you can exclude, but a few things you should spend on.

For example, hiring the photographer that charges less may save you money, but if your special day isn’t documented perfectly, you’ll be paying for it the rest of your life. Splurge on a great photographer, one with an artistic vision you agree with, and cut back elsewhere. Music is important, but some couples today choose an ipod to be their DJ, rather than over paying someone to put in another CD.

3) Looking outside your budget: it’s important to stick to your allotted budget in every aspect of your planning to help you avoid over spending. This sounds like common knowledge, but many Brides break this rule when it comes to the dress, and the venue.

You may be dress hunting, and accidentally fall in love with the wedding gown of your dreams, only to find out it is thousands of dollars over your budget. Instead of facing the heartbreak, and throwing off your budget entirely, enter the boutique with a set budget, and ask not to be shown any dresses outside of the budget.

With any luck, you’ll undershoot and have money left over for another detail of your wedding. This applies to the venue as well; we all want the fairytale wedding, but consider all of your options before you commit to a venue you can’t afford… the rest of your planning will suffer!